Crimson Guitars video montage

A few weeks ago in May, my son and I went to Crimson Guitars to build a guitar each, which is documented here in my Crimson Guitars 2017 Build pages.

I took quite a few photos during the week and gave copies to Crimson, and their media team has made a video montage as an example of a couple of student builds.  Many thanks to Shaun for creating the video, and to Master Luthier Christopher for guiding us through this process!


Another RCF Jam video!

The forum jam on the Rob Chapman Forum is now quite a long-standing tradition.  Every quarter a backing track is chosen, of around 45-60 seconds, and anybody who wants to take part can record a solo piece over the backing track.  Some poor soul (often me, though not this time) then has to laboriously glue them all together and produce a video which is published on YouTube.

The 2017 Summer Jam video has just been published.  I took the opportunity to give my new Crimson build guitar its first real public outing and my jam is the first one in the video (not my choice!).

I hope you enjoy it, and maybe one or two of you will join us for the next one!

Gifts for guitar players

Phillip McKnight is an American guitar shop owner who regularly publishes videos on YouTube (see his channel here).  Today he has posted a video in time for Christmas where he gives ten ideas for gifts for guitar players.  They aren’t the usual, rather tired ideas of “a strap and a tuner and a cleaning kit”, but they are a bit more thoughtful and interesting – I particularly like his idea for a pick case.

Since today is the first day of December, I think this is a good time to watch this video – or to somehow persuade anyone who might want to give you a gift to watch it!  Good luck 🙂



Gorgeous guitar, tasty playing…

One of the the YouTube channels that I follow, EytschPi42, has recently published a video that I enjoyed a lot.  The channel owner is Henning Pauly, a German guitar nut (although the channel is in English), and he recently received a new guitar by Isaac Berumen which he unboxed in a separate video.

This is a gorgeous guitar, and the attention to detail is fantastic with lovely touches like custom tuner wings and knobs.  Henning created an instrumental track with this guitar which I think is the best playing that I’ve seen from him, and so I decided to link it on here.

Henning’s videos are often entertaining although he does ramble on a bit, so they are often a bit long and so I tend not to watch all of them.  He certainly knows his stuff, though, and he’s an engaging presenter with a lot of experience and interesting things to say.

Enjoy the playing and the guitar!

The Rob Chapman Forum Autumn Jam 2016

The title says it all, really!  You may already know that I’m a member of the Rob Chapman forum, and we regularly do a forum jam where we pick a backing track of around 45-60 seconds.  Anybody can record themselves playing over it, and we make a video of all of the contributions.

The Autumn jam track this year was a blues track in B minor.  I didn’t get around to making an entry myself this time, but I edited the video, and here is the final result.

Feel free to visit the forum and join us next time!