The Padauk Strat – finished!

Well, nearly – the middle pickup isn’t working and I need to fix that, but for the purpose of posting photos of the finished guitar, it’s done!  I actually finished it in January but have been neglecting this site for a while – hence the mega update this week!

In fact, I struggled to finish this guitar.  I had difficulty installing the bridge – it’s the only floating bridge I’ve done, and I was feeling my way through the process.  I also had difficulty installing the pickups.  I made some pickup surrounds out of wood, but they were too fragile and broke.  I ended up installing them without surrounds, and I’m still not entirely happy with the result.  Nevertheless, this is the first guitar that I finished on my own, and there’s a lot to be proud of.  I also made octagonal wooden knobs for it, which look quite good!

Here are a couple of pictures of the guitar.  Some day I’ll make another guitar with the other half of the padauk plank, and that one will be perfect! 🙂