The Hybrid Tele – Finished and Delivered!

The early part of this build was covered on page 1.  After that, I took it with me to Crimson Guitars when I went for another course in March 2018.  My goals for this guitar on the course were to make the inlays, fit the neck and stain the top – I wanted to do all of those under expert supervision.

While on the course, I made an unfortunate mistake that actually had a good outcome.  I routed the cavity for the bridge pickup in the wrong place, and was very upset when I realised.  At least I was in the best place to work out a solution; I cut out a block of mahogany to fill the hole and re-routed the cavity, then shaped a piece of ebony to cover the mistake.  Since the body shape is a telecaster, I shaped the ebony to reflect the shape of a tele bridge, encompassing the bridge and the pickup.

Here’s a picture of the top with the stain and the ebony piece.  And a pencil.

The inlay was a stylised goat head.  I used blue celluloid for most of the pieces, to go with the top, and red for the eyes for contrast.

I made cavity covers out of offcuts from the maple cap.  The colours on the top of the guitar hadn’t come out exactly as I had envisaged, but I stained the covers slightly differently, and was quite pleased with the result.

A lot more work went on, and towards the end of the process I seemed to encounter one problem after another.  Eventually, though, I managed to finish everything and send the guitar away.

This is the first guitar that I have made for another person.  We came up with the design together, and discussed the build all through the process.

I had been apprehensive about the end result, and also about shipping the guitar internationally (from Belgium to the UK).  It took 10 days, but fortunately it arrived intact, despite the rather home-made packaging!

Fortunately, he seems to be very happy with the guitar.  He said that it didn’t need any setup when it arrived, and that it plays very well.  He liked the neck – which is lucky, as I basically made it the way I like it!  A friend of his came round and played the guitar too, and apparently was impressed.

That’s the end of this story, but I hope it’s the first of many guitars that I will make for other people.  This guitar wasn’t perfect – there were a few small cosmetic issues – but it plays well, sounds good and even looks good if you don’t check all of the corners!