The Cocobolo Bass – part two

Continued from page one…

The first page finished with the body and neck essentially made. There was still quite a lot of work to be done with the inlays, fretwork and finishing. Again, I made the fretboard dots from a brass tube with resin inside, and I put my oak leaf inlay at the 12th fret – this time using some fake abalone.

The resin drying

Finishing this guitar proved difficult. I decided to use shellac, which I hadn’t used before, and so that was a whole learning process – and, frankly, not a process that I’m keen to repeat! I had a lot of problems with trying to get a good surface – for example, you can see below some rather ugly flecks in the grains that appeared at one stage.

Flecks, probably very small dust particles caught in the grains and created when sanding the finish.

Now, I think I would avoid this problem by applying a layer of sanding sealer before the finish. It’s an area where I still have a lot to learn, but that seems to be a good tip, particularly with wood that has a lot of pits in the grain. It doesn’t seem to be necessary with more consistent woods like maple.

After much work, though, I eventually finished the bass. I don’t have a lot of pictures of it, but here’s a nice one of the body. I do think it turned out looking good – I like the body shape, and the cocobolo top is beautiful.

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