Sunrise – Build Pictures

My Sunrise bass has been progressing steadily, albeit quite slowly, and I hope to finish it soon.  In the meantime, here are some photos from the build.

First I cut out the wedges to make the sunray pattern…this was before they were glued together.


Clamps applied for one of the early glue joints
All glued together, after many hours of work!
I paid a local carpentry shop to cut it into slices for me
Then I sketched out the shape of the body
The body was cut out, and I made holes inside for weight relief
I cut this wedge out of the body, where the controls will be installed
The idea is that they will be hidden in the side, not on the front
This shows the control wedge in situ
The process of gluing strips of wood together for the laminate neck
Now being clamped, for the glue to cure
And a view of the resulting neck blank
Installing the truss rod
The end of the fretboard, shaped and glued onto the neck
The back of the body…
…together with the neck, although not glued in yet
And, after lots of work, the front with the hills and sun!  I broke a piece off the sun, though, and had to replace it.
Working on the side dots and fret position markers
Working on the inlays on the fingerboard
And another inlay of a dog for the front, which was very fiddly!

This build is now complete….click on the link to see pictures of the finished instrument!