Resin River Guitar – part two

Continued from Part One…

Due to various circumstances, this guitar took a year from start to finish. At the end of the first page, the body and neck were basically made, but not shaped and refined. There was still a lot of work to be done – this picture was taken when I was filling some gaps around the edge, and it shows the translucent resin off quite nicely!

A nice contrast of shades!

Because of the dimensions of the yew plank that I used, the body is rather thin (which later meant that I had to use a mini switch instead of a standard one). This was an advantage, however, since it offsets the extra weight of the resin compared to wood. However, I still felt that a gentle carve on the top would enhance the comfort of the guitar, and I did this with my angle grinder before sanding it smooth.

Part way through the carving process

Just for fun, here’s a picture showing what happens when you drill or rout into the resin – it makes a lot of mess!

Resin curls…

I spent a lot of time on the finish for this guitar, making sure in particular that the resin was sanded and polished smooth to get a nice glossy finish. The end result looks pretty good – so good that my daughter has claimed this guitar for herself, even though she doesn’t play! Perhaps it will motivate her to learn.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the finished guitar. I think this was very successful, and I’m looking forward to my next build using resin.

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