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As usual, this is a late update on this guitar which has now been finished and sent to its owner! We left it needing frets, and with the neck yet to be glued in.

In fact, there’s not much more to say about this build. One small detail was the 12th fret side dot…the others were regular dots but I made a special inlay at the 12th fret to mirror the inlays on the front of the fretboard.

Special side dot for the 12th fret!

You can imagine how small those pieces are and how fiddly it was to make them! I think it’s a nice touch, though.

As you may know, I always put an oak leaf somewhere on my guitars. For this one, it went on the control cavity cover, and I used the opportunity to experiment with a pantograph that I bought for my Proxxon multitool. I made double-sized templates and used them to cut out the inlay and the corresponding hole; it worked reasonably well but I need to practise. I made a video about it which you can find here.

Using the pantograph to cut out the hole for the inlay

Everything else went as usual….the body was finished with some sanding sealer and then a few coats of Crimson Guitars’ finishing oils. The oak leaf inlay can be seen on the back…

The back of the body with the oak leaf inlay on the control cavity cover

…and here’s a look at the front of the finished guitar! The bridge and strings are missing here because the customer wanted 11-gauge strings, and I broke most of the strings in my only set of 11s while I was working on the nut, so it was sent without strings.

The finished article!

The guitar was received in one piece by the customer today, at the time of writing, and he hasn’t had a chance to play it yet. I hope he’s happy – it was an interesting build, frustrating at times as they all are but ultimately a distinctive and very cool guitar!

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