Yamaha APX-4A Acoustic-Electric

Every guitarist needs an acoustic guitar, right?  This is mine, my one and only Classical, Spanish, Acoustic or however you like to call them, guitar.  I bought it around 20 years ago, probably between 1994 and 1996 but my records don’t go back that far.  I know that I paid 18,000 Belgian Francs for it, or around €450 in today’s European currency, from a shop called Lemca in Brussels.  I knew absolutely nothing about acoustic guitars when I bought it, and I still know almost nothing about them.

This is it. My acoustic guitar AKA wall decoration.
This is it. My acoustic guitar AKA wall decoration.

Fortunately, Yamaha – being Japanese – is even more obsessive than I am about keeping records, and so you can still find the product information for this guitar on their website.  But I can sum it all up for you in four words.  It’s an acoustic guitar.

OK let’s get a little more on this one.  I actually first started to learn the guitar on an acoustic, and I had some folk guitar lessons when I was probably around 11 or 12, and learnt three or four chords, and one or two finger-picking patterns.  These lessons proved to be the sum total of my guitar expertise for the next 30+ years, until late 2012.  That acoustic guitar was a doubtless very cheap secondhand one that my parents bought for me (although I have no memory of its arrival), since it literally fell apart a number of years later and was thrown away.  I don’t think this was a crime against humanity.

I bought a secondhand strat copy from a music shop in Cambridge when I went to university in 1987, and so that was my only (and little played) guitar for a number of years until I decided to buy an acoustic again.  And to be honest, this thing has been barely played in the 20 or more years that I have had it.  I’m not even sure why I still hang onto it, except that I don’t like getting rid of things.

If this is the dream guitar for anybody reading this, contact me and we’ll work something out.  Otherwise, it will probably stay on my wall, essentially as an ornament, and just get taken down once a year or so for a half-hearted strum.

Sorry, Yamaha!  At least I bought one of your basses too.