Victory V40 ‘The Duchess’

One day, I was in Anderton’s Music Shop, checking out some guitars, and I wanted to try a Victory V30 because I’d heard good things about it.  I asked the assistant, but they didn’t have one out on display.  Instead, he uggested hat I try the new V40, which had just come out, so I pulled a PRS off the wall and plugged it in.

The V40, as you may know, is a single-channel amp that goes from clean to mild distortion, for blues tones.  It has a nice digital reverb and an FX loop, and it is designed to be a great pedal platform, as well as sounding good on its own.

The V40 sounded gorgeous in the shop.  It really lets you hear the natural sound of the guitar, and I was really impressed by what I heard.  It’s an expensive amp, though, and this was just an impromptu test, so I hung the guitar back up on the wall and went away.  Like the Charvel guitar that I tried there on another occasion, though, the V40 stuck in my head.

Victory V40

I think it took about six weeks before I cracked and ordered the amp, in February 2015. In the meantime, I needed a cab to go with the V40, and I bought a Harley Benton Vintage G112 cab to go with it.  That cab is a great, inexpensive option, but at some point I may get a different cab, possibly a 2×12.

The V40 also sparked an interest in getting pedals to run through it, and I built up a nice pedalboard to go with it, but that’s a topic for a different article.

For more details on the V40, have a look at the Victory amps product page.