Orange Micro Crush Pix

This little Orange amp was an impulse purchase one day when I was browsing around in Guitar Guitar in Epsom.  I’d been looking at some guitars, particularly their PRSs – and they had one in particular that I regret not buying but I wasn’t ready for a PRS yet.  I didn’t buy a guitar but I bought a few accessories, and they had a pile of these cute little amps on the counter, for not much money (I think it was £35).

I thought that it would make a good portable option for playing in different rooms of the house, or taking on holiday.  It’s a handy little amp with two channels and a tuner; unfortunately, I really don’t like the sound, it’s far too fizzy and tinny for me.  It’s a nice idea but a flawed execution in my opinion – I think a large part of the problem is the small, 4-inch speaker.

I don’t have any photos of this amp so here’s a link to the product page on the Orange website.