Harley Benton G112 Vintage cab

When I bought my Victory V40 amplifier, I needed a cab to run it through.  Obviously, Victory sells cabs that are designed to go with the amplifier, but they are pretty expensive and I’d already spent a lot on the V40.  I wanted something significantly cheaper which would still sound decent.

HB Cab 1

I watched some speaker comparison videos on YouTube and decided that the Celestion speakers generally sounded best to my ears.  If you’ve never watched any videos like that, it’s worth the time and it’s surprising how much difference there is between speakers.

The Harley Benton G112 Vintage cab, sold by Thomann, is the cheapest one I could find with a genuine Celestion speaker. The price is barely more than the speaker on its own – at the time of writing, the speaker costs €109 and the loaded cab costs €118.  I am aware that this probably isn’t the absolute best speaker to match with this amplifier, but until I choose to invest in a more expensive cab, it’s a great solution at a bargain price.

Victory V40

I have compared the sound of this cab with the speaker in my Line 6 DT25, which has a Celestion G12H-90 speaker, and to my ears they sound identical, so I still think that this cab is great value for money.


I have used this cab in various videos with my Victory V40 and my Marshall 2525H, so please visit those pages for videos of it in action.