Here are a few links to my favourite guitar-related websites.

Miscellaneous Sites

Rob Chapman Forum – a den of guitar geekery!

AVForums – the forum is mainly about audiovisual tech but there’s a group of us who chat about guitar stuff and we run a Song of the Week competition in Rocksmith.  The link takes you to the Xbox One Rocksmith forum where this goes on (you don’t have to have an Xbox, or even Rocksmith, to join in!).

Justin Guitar – probably the best known free Internet guitar lessons, covering everything you need to know.


Crimson Guitars – a luthier and tool maker, and where I will attend a guitar building workshop later this year.  They also have a very active YouTube channel with many videos on different aspects of guitar-making.

Jaden Rose Guitars – Jaden is a luthier in Wales and he’s made some superb instruments (I have one myself), both under the Jaden name and as Salvo Guitars.

For a longer list, see my article on UK Luthiers.

YouTube Channels

The following are some guitar-related YouTube channels that I find often have great videos.

  • Anderton’s Music Co – lots more than just Chappers and the Captain nowadays.
  • Andrew Guyton – not very active, but some very interesting videos, particularly for Brian May fans.
  • Chapman Guitars – a British-designed brand owned by Rob Chapman and Lee Anderton.
  • Crimson Custom Guitars – loads of great videos on luthiery.  Less convinced by their gear reviews.
  • EytschPi42 – a German guitar teacher although his videos are in English.  He’s knowledgeable and quite funny but his videos are sometimes too long.
  • Ignazio Di Salvo -briefly my guitar teacher (I decided to go it alone) and a superb player, especially on two-handed tapping.  Gives lessons in Brussels and on Skype.
  • Phillip McKnight – a US guitar shop owner whose catchphrase is “Know your gear”.
  • Premier Guitar – professional review site; their main reviewer, John Bohlinger, is a fabulous player
  • PRS Guitars – just because they are ubiquitous in my guitar consciousness.
  • Riff City Guitar – American retailer of Chapman Guitars
  • Riff Repeater – a headless guy playing all of the Rocksmith songs
  • Rob Chapman – the Behemoth of Internet guitar video personalities!
  • Scott’s Bass Lessons – Bass lessons by Scott.  The title said it all, really.  He wears a glove.
  • That Pedal Show – weekly guitar pedal geekery with two guys who really know their stuff
  • The Tone King – an American enthusiast who does a lot of product reviews and interesting tech talks
  • Victory Amplifiers – a young British company producing some excellent amplifiers.  I have a V40!
  • WillsEasyGuitar – guitar tips, lessons & repairs – mostly useful for some of the repair videos.

Guitar Manufacturers

PRS Guitars – my favourite of the big brands!

Chapman Guitars – I have three of these!

Brian May Guitars – authentic copies of Dr May’s famous home-made guitar

Guitar Shops

A few links to some well-known guitar shops; most of them have extensive online shops too.  Let me know your favourite retailers and I’ll add them to the list.  Sadly, most of these seem to have forgotten about the apostrophe but we’ll let them off!

UK: Andertons, Guitar Guitar, GAK, PMT, Dawsons, Mansons, Guitar Village, DV247World Guitars

Europe: Key Music (BE & NL), Thomann (DE but ship all over Europe at very little cost)

US: Riff City Guitar, RNA Music

Amazon is also often worth checking for some guitar gear, although it’s not the first place I’d look for guitars because you often don’t know very well who’s selling them.