Fankenstein’s Monster

The friend for whom I built the hybrid tele earlier this year has a friend.  This friend also likes guitars, and he has played the hybrid tele and liked it.  He has asked me to build him a guitar, and we threw around some ideas for a guitar that will – as usual with my guitars – have some unusual features!

The two main features of this guitar will be the top and the fact that it’s a multiscale guitar.  The top is a maple cap that I had in my stock and which has some subtle figuring that I think – and hope – will look stunning when it’s been stained.  Regarding the scale, since we’re using a normal bridge (a Schaller Hannes), we can’t do a very extreme fanning of the frets so we’re going for 25.5″ – 26.5″.

The guy has sent me some of the hardware, including a pair of pickups that came from an Ibanez of his.  These pickups have coloured covers – blue and purple – and so the plan is to stain the top with a blue-to-purple fade to match the pickups.

The woods used, apart from the maple cap, include bubinga for the body, bubinga and wenge for the neck and a Macassar ebony fretboard.  Lastly, I came up with a rather unusual design for the headstock – we will see later in the build if that works out or not!

Here are a few pictures of the early stages of this build.  At the time of writing, the top has been carved but there’s still a little bit of refinement needed on that before I move on to the sanding and then staining the top.

The building blocks for this guitar
Working on the neck
The headstock, with a 3D shape and a maple veneer – not quite finished yet, though
The body with the weight relief cavities – no control cavity yet
The body with the cap, which was wet to show the figuring
The heel, carved to merge smoothly into the body
The top, mostly carved and with the pickup cavities routed out

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