Parts List

This page includes a complete list of all of the parts that we have ordered for our guitar builds in May 2017.  We have bought most of the hardware that we will need, except for a few standard bits and pieces (mainly the electronics) that Crimson will be able to supply.

Hardware: Jonathan

Pickups: Irongear Blues Engine x2

Bridge: Schaller Guitar Bridge STM + Fine Tuning Tailpiece

Machine heads: Schaller M6 Vintage Toplocking (3L + 3R)

Control knobs: Schaller Diamond-knurled dome knobs x2

Strap buttons: Schaller Security Locks

Jack plate: Schaller Jack Plate

All of the parts…well, except for the pickups!

Hardware: Callum

Pickups: Irongear Smoke Stack II x3

Bridge: Schaller Tremolo 2000

Machine Heads: Kluson MLK6LN Lockheads

Strap Buttons: Marvel Security Strap Lock System

Jack Plate: Allparts Gotoh Oval Jackplate


We will select most of the woods on the first day of the course, but we did reserve a couple of burl poplar tops that Crimson got in recently.  They look rather splendid and I’m sure we’ll be able to do something cool with them!  Here’s an example of one that Crimson was selling on the website.

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