Crimson Build 2017

A New Guitar Build

In late 2016, I attended a six-day luthier’s course at Crimson Guitars – the full story can be read and watched on this site.  Even though this build didn’t fully work out (or at least not yet), I will return to do another course in May 2017 – and this time my son is coming with me (the one who made the Cigar Box Guitar).

I haven’t yet decided how I will document this build.  I don’t think I will do daily videos, like last time, because that’s a huge amount of work, but I will probably make a few videos, and take pictures and write up the builds on this site.  This will be the introduction and index page, with all of the links to any other pages and videos.  I will document both my build and my son’s – it will be interesting to compare our progress!

The Designs

We have a good idea of what we each want to build.  I have decided on a PAF Hollow style of guitar (one of Crimson’s own designs), because I like it and because it should simplify things a little by making a body shape that they make regularly.  Callum, my son, wants a strat-like guitar.

We have spent some time looking for the hardware (bridge, pickups, tuners etc.), and we have ordered Irongear pickups – a pair of Blues Engines for me, and a set of three Smoke Stack II single coils for Callum.

For the other hardware, I’ve chosen a Schaller bridge with a fine-tuning tailpiece, and the M6 Vintage toplocking tuners.  I like the Schaller hardware – it seems to be very high quality and they have a good range of finishes; this time I’ve gone for Satin Pearl.  I also bought Schaller knobs and locking strap buttons, in the Ruthenium finish for little bit of variety

After much discussion and research, Callum has opted for a Schaller Tremolo 2000, which has arrived and looks super.  He’s also bought some Kluson locking tuners, which frankly look like a bargain at €33. A jack plate and some locking strap buttons complete his hardware – the only other thing he’s missing is control knobs, but he’ll see if they have any nice ones lying around at Crimson Guitars, and if not then he’ll order some after the course.

Lastly, we have asked Crimson to reserve a couple of pieces of nice burl Poplar for us that they recently acquired, so both of our guitar tops will use the same wood.  We will do different things with them, though, and I also have some interesting ideas for the fretboard.

Index of Pages

Links to the other pages and any forthcoming videos for these builds will appear here!

Parts List

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

If you don’t want to read all of the text and just want some eye candy, Crimson Guitars took my photos and made a really good video montage of the whole week!