Cigar Box Guitar Kit – Part Six

…continued from Part Five

The latest video episode in this series covers two days of work, over two weekends.  I must admit that progress is slow, and I don’t think we realised how time-consuming all of this would be.  Nevertheless, some significant progress was made over these two days, consisting mainly of:

  • Levelling, crowning and dressing the frets
  • Some refinement to the headstock shape
  • Gluing the extra blocks to the neck, to fit inside the box
  • Planning the control layout
  • Making the holes for the controls & jack socket

We made a mockup of the guitar by putting the neck inside the box, with the electronics temporarily in their place, as below.

The box with the electronics temporarily in place
The box with the electronics temporarily in place

We think the guitar will look pretty smart when it’s finished – this gives a fairly good idea!

The finished guitar....well, nearly!
The finished guitar….well, nearly!

And here is the video episode for these two weeks:

To be continued after my Crimson Guitars build next week! 🙂