Chess Guitar part 2

Continued from part 1…

The chess guitar is now finished! It was a lot of work, and as usual I encountered a number of problems while making the guitar, but it’s turned out fairly well.

The main problem that I encountered was my own stupidity. You saw the main inlays on the body on the previous page, and I also inlaid a smaller, blue king at the 12th fret. Unfortunately, I inlaid it upside down, and it looked horribly wrong, so I had to dig it out and start again.

It’s upside down. Yes, it’s obvious. I should have noticed. But I didn’t.

The damage that this operation did to the fretboard meant that I had to replace a good part of the wood between the 11th and 12th frets. I decided that my penalty for the mistake would be to make the new inlay better than the original one, so I first made a frame to hide the damage.

The frame matches the neck binding….clever, huh?

Then I made another king, but whereas the first one was made from a single piece, this one was made of multiple pieces, like the inlays on the body but on a smaller scale. Here you can see the inlay pieces, with a guitar pick for the size comparison!

Yes, some of those pieces are very small indeed!

Ultimately, this was quite successful and looks good. To cut a long story short, much work followed before the guitar was done. Here are a few pictures of the finished guitar!