Planning my guitar build – unboxing the parts

I have ordered various components for my forthcoming guitar build, and as part of the documentation of this process I am making videos at various points.  Obviously, most of the videos will be made during the week of the build, but I am also making unboxing videos to give you a look at the components when they arrive.

The article with the list of the components I ordered is here, and below is the first unboxing video  This video includes the Schaller Hannes piezo bridge + preamp and the Schaller locking tuners, plus a few other items that I ordered at the same time (including a couple of mystery t-shirts that I have ordered especially for the build week!).

I’ve added a second video at the start of August with a short update on some more items that I’ve received for the build since the first unboxing.  These include the jack plate, also from Schaller and in Ruthenium to match the bridge and tuners, a strap and a book from the Crimson Guitars Recommended Reading list.  Oona makes a brief appearance in this video too, but shot off to retrieve the bone that she’d been chewing before I picked her up.

The next video will probably arrive in September!