Planning my Guitar Build pt 1

1. The Idea

In 2015 I built a kit guitar which I bought from Thomann.  It was an SG-style guitar, and this mainly involved finishing and assembling the guitar.  This was interesting although ultimately a little unsatisfactory, because of the limitations of the kit and of my skills. I will write about this in a separate article and post a link here in the near future.

Following on from this experience, I’ve had the idea in the back of my mind for a while of taking a short guitar-building course, and in June of this year (2016) I decided to do it.

I’ve been watching some of the Crimson Guitars videos on their YouTube channel and I saw on their website that they do a 5-day guitar building course. I emailed them to ask if there would be any problem with me attending that course, since I don’t have a lot of experience in woodworking etc., and they said it’s no problem and they will adjust the course accordingly.

Reassured, I booked the course, and I will go and do it during the week beginning October 31st.  It’s a long time to wait, but that gives me plenty of time to decide on my design and order the necessary parts.

I intend to document the whole process on this website because I think it will be interesting – and hopefully inspiring – for a few people here. I have very little experience in any related areas (woodworking, electronics…), and we’ll see how much I can learn and what sort of guitar I can make. I will take some videos and pictures of the process and I will try to document the build as much as possible, hopefully to inspire anybody else who is thinking of doing the same.  I’ve said to Crimson Guitars that I’d also be happy to make the videos together with them, and I’ll see if that interests them.

So there’s a long time to wait – more than four months between ordering the course and attending it – but the first step is to design my guitar.

I made a short video going over the basics of this, if you prefer to watch instead of reading.

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