Planning my Guitar Build – components

To supplement my previous posts, here are some pictures of the components that I am buying for this guitar.

Schaller Hannes Piezo bridge + preamp

Schaller bridge ruthenium Schaller preamp Schaller preamp with pots

Schaller M6 Toplocking machine heads

Schaller tuners

Schaller jack plate (the Ruthenium one, to go with the other components – I think it’s the one I’ve circled on the picture!)

Schaller jack plates

Schaller strap buttons

Schaller strap buttons

Irongear Rolling Mill humbucker (bridge)

Irongear Rolling Mill

Irongear Alchemist 90 (neck)

Irongear Alchemist 90

I think that’s everything that I’m buying before the build, so I’m afraid we will all have to wait until October 31 for other components such as the woods!

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