Cigar Box Guitar Kit – Part Two

My son came round today to work some more on his cigar box guitar kit, following last week’s first session (see part one of this series here).  This week, we had a list of the next tasks to be done, but we didn’t get very far through that list because a couple of the steps were rather time-consuming.

Today was all about preparing the neck, which is step four of the supplied instructions (although we didn’t need to refer to them).  We did four things today:

  • Cut out the section of the neck for the cigar box lid
  • Made a radius block
  • Filed down the tail
  • Started to radius the fretboard

My son was doing most of these tasks except for making the radius block, which I did, but unfortunately I forgot to turn on my camcorder when I was cutting out the block with my jigsaw.  I’m not sure if I’d use this home-made block for a real, custom guitar, but it will do perfectly well for the cigar box guitar.

When we turned our attention to the fretboard and started to work on that, we really noticed the difference in density between the two woods used for the neck and the fretboard.  Maple has a typical specific gravity (weight compared to water) of 0.55, whereas purpleheart is 0.86, and you really notice how much harder it is to file or sand down the purpleheart.

Here’s the video for Episode Two of the Build.

See Episode Three for the next steps!