Buying an Amp – Summary


This page summarises all of the issues discussed by these articles on one page, for ready reference.

Fundamental Questions

“What do I want to sound like?”

“Where will I be playing?”

“How much can I spend?”

Specific Questions / Issues

Type of sound – clean or dirty, British or American etc.?

Which tonal features do you need (e.g. reverb, FX loop…)?

Which genre or artist do you want to sound like?

Modelling amp or not?

Which speakers do you want?

Quality versus price and versatility

How much power do you need?  Does the amp have different power settings?

Which practical features are needed?  Tuner, inputs, rhythms…

What will you be connecting to, and what outputs do you need?

How important are the size and weight?

How reliable and robust is the amp?  What do I stand to lose if it fails?

Are the controls suitable, in terms of accessibility etc?

Does the amp look good?

New or secondhand?

Focus on your needs

Don’t make false economies

Shop around for the best prices, but support your local shops

Make the right choice, and don’t chase the perfect tone

Be sensible about financing your new amp!

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