My name is Jonathan Oakey and I am a middle-aged Englishman with a fairly recent guitar obsession.  I live and work in Belgium, and my work is nothing to do with music.  I played the piano from an early age, and started playing the guitar as a child but never got very far with it.  I sang in my school choir, and as an adult I have acted and sung in many amateur dramatics shows (over 30, mostly musicals or operettas).

I started playing the guitar regularly, on a daily basis, when Rocksmith came out in 2012, and haven’t stopped since then.  It triggered an obsession with electric guitars and everything around them which shows no signs of abating, and since it came out I have bought lots of guitars, several amps and many other related bits and pieces.  Since the end of 2016, my spending has mostly shifted towards equipment and woods for building guitars, but that’s still costing me a lot of money!

I have a YouTube channel which is largely about guitar stuff, and you can also find me on Instagram (@jonathan.oakey or search for #gloopyguitars).

This Website

I started this website in July 2016 as an extension of my interest, and building on the videos that I have made and published on YouTube.  This has also become a showcase for my various projects, including lots of pictures of the build process and links to videos that I have published on YouTube.

I do not use this site for advertising, either for myself or for anything else, and I do not make any money out of the site or anything related to it.  I have no contractual, financial or other relationship with anybody mentioned here, other than the implicit purchase contracts if I buy things from them.

Anything written on this site is purely my opinion.  I do not accept liability for anything, including financial debts incurred from buying any gear that I mention!

I do not collect, use or sell any personal information on this site.  Any cookies from this site are automatically generated by WordPress and I have no control over them or interest in them.  Feel free not to acccept them if given a choice!

Contacting Me

I don’t put my email address here to avoid spam emails etc.  However, if you really want to contact me for some reason, you can find me on Facebook and send me a message, or go to my YouTube channel and post a comment on one of my videos.  I don’t know why you would want to contact me, but….surprise me! 🙂

Privacy Policy

Thanks to WordPress’s helpful suggestion, I have a privacy policy.  It’s meaningless legalese but I added a couple of jokes if you really insist on reading it.