More updates

I’ve now finished updating the website, with pages added for all of the recent guitar builds, in anticipation of huge amounts of visitors due to the Great Guitar Build Off! Perhaps…

Take a look at the Build Gallery page to see all of my builds, including the ones that are in progress. If you want to stay up to date, find me on Instagram by searching for #gloopyguitars.

GGBO 2020

GGBO is the Great Guitar Build Off, a competition started by Ben Crowe of Crimson Guitars and involving a number of other well-known YouTubers (some of them more attractive than others….mentioning no names!). More information is available at

I’ve decided to enter as an unofficial challenger, and you can see the start of this build on my Great Guitar Build Off page!

Some bits of wood. No, really!

I am also going to do a major update of this site over the coming days, as it’s lagging well behind my latest builds, so watch out for more pages and pictures very soon!