As you might notice, I don’t update this website very often. However, I recently created an Instagram account, and I try to post pictures on there of my builds in progress several times a week.

If you want to follow me on there, just search for “jonathan.oakey” and you should find it easily. Give me lots of likes! 🙂

Author: gloopyjon

I grew up in England, attending school in Gloucester and then reading Classics at Peterhouse, Cambridge University. After working in London for three years, I moved to Belgium in 1993 where I have lived ever since. I played the piano as a child and also started playing the guitar, but never took it seriously until 2012, thanks to Rocksmith. I've also done a lot of singing, including over 30 amateur shows. Since 2012 I have been avidly accumulating guitar-related information as well as guitars and related gear, and I decided to create this site to share some of my knowledge, experiences and opinions with anybody who might be interested.

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