More pages on our guitar builds

I’ve updated the website with days Four and Five of mine and my son’s guitar builds from last week.

The page for the last day will go up very soon – probably tomorrow – and I may end up doing a couple of videos on this, although we didn’t actually film very much of the process and so most of the prospective build video will just be a montage of pictures.

I’d also like to do a short video demo of the two guitars, but I’ll have to persuade my son to bring his guitar round for that, so it might take a bit of time to organise!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading about the latter stages of the course.

Crimson Guitar Build

Last week, my son and I went to Crimson Guitars in England for a six-day guitar building course.  For me, this was a repeat of my previous guitar build, but it was the first time for my son.

Some pieces of wood on a workbench…can you guess where this is going? 😉

Due to the intensity of the course (nearly 10 hours per day) and the almost non-existent Internet connection at our hotel, I’m still catching up on the pages showing our builds on this website.  Currently, the pages for days One, Two and Three are available, and the remaining days will be up soon.

Come back in a day or two to see how we got on in the second half of our course!

PRS Periscope Hollowbody

Since I have quite a few guitars now and my attention has turned to making guitars, there’s only really one guitar that I still have any real intention of buying, and that is a PRS Hollowbody II.

The latest PRS at World Guitars is rather sumptuous, and would be more than a little tempting if it weren’t for the price!  It’s another of the Periscope guitars, so this is a confluence of about three of my guitar obsessions.  It also happens to be rather stunning!


On sale for a little under £10k, this Private Stock Hollowbody II in Aqua Violet Smoked Burst is a beautiful guitar.  Fortunately, it’s already reserved for someone with deeper pockets than mine!