Finishing my Crimson Guitar Build

It’s been several months since I completed the course at Crimson Guitars, although the guitar itself was not finished.  I had some work to do at home, and that turned into a lot of work because of a number of issues that I had to solve.

Sadly, the process came to a premature end – at least for now – when the truss rod broke through the back of the neck while trying to correct a neck bow.  I think that I will have to take the neck out – not easy, as it’s glued in – and make a new neck (I’d like to recover the fretboard although I don’t know if that will be possible).  That will have to wait until I have a suitable opportunity, which will probably not be in 2017.

I did a lot of other work on the guitar before that happened, though, and so all of that is described in my final article on this guitar, and in my last YouTube video about it, as you can see below.

I will be returning to Crimson Guitars in May to do another build, this time with my son (the one who build the cigar box guitar), so expect to see more information about that next month!

Author: gloopyjon

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