Gorgeous guitar, tasty playing…

One of the the YouTube channels that I follow, EytschPi42, has recently published a video that I enjoyed a lot.  The channel owner is Henning Pauly, a German guitar nut (although the channel is in English), and he recently received a new guitar by Isaac Berumen which he unboxed in a separate video.

This is a gorgeous guitar, and the attention to detail is fantastic with lovely touches like custom tuner wings and knobs.  Henning created an instrumental track with this guitar which I think is the best playing that I’ve seen from him, and so I decided to link it on here.

Henning’s videos are often entertaining although he does ramble on a bit, so they are often a bit long and so I tend not to watch all of them.  He certainly knows his stuff, though, and he’s an engaging presenter with a lot of experience and interesting things to say.

Enjoy the playing and the guitar!

Author: gloopyjon

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