New Pedal Day

Actually, it’s new pedals, plural!  I’ve been looking at the Tone City pedals that Anderton’s sells recently, and some of my friends on the forums have given them favourable reviews, so I decided to order a couple of them.  My goal when I purchase pedals is always to experiment with new sounds and learn more about what you can do with guitar gear, and the Tone City pedals, being rather inexpensive, are handy for that purpose, since I’m not looking for the ultimate, “best” tone, but just trying different types of pedals.

I watched quite a few videos on YouTube about these pedals.  I was only really interested in the different flavours of gain pedals since I already have things like delay and chorus.  The two that seemed the most likely to bring me new sounds, bearing in mind my existing gear, were the Bad Horse and the Black Tea.  The former is a Klon Centaur clone, and the latter is designed to sound like a Vox AC amp.

Here’s a quick picture of what comes in the box – you get both a rubber strip and a velcro one that you can attach to the bottom of the pedal, which is a nice touch.  They feel pretty heavy and solid too, so my first impressions are good.  I’ll report back in the near future on how they sound!

Tone City Pedals

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