Cigar Box Guitar kit coming soon

Not for me, but for one of my sons who has his birthday this month.  He was interested in the cigar box guitar kits and so I’ve ordered one of the Litterbug kits from Crimson Guitars.  He already knows about it, so I’m not spoiling the surprise; what he doesn’t yet know is which of the three wood selections I picked – maple and purpleheart, meranti and ebony or purpleheart and rosewood.

I don’t know whether they have the kits in stock or if we have to wait for them to make it so I don’t yet have a delivery date.  We are going to build it together, which will also be good practice for my guitar building course later this year, and we will probably make a few videos about the process.

More news will come in a week or two, with a bit of luck, which might include an unboxing video.  Stay tuned! 🙂

Some of the components of the kit
Some of the components of the kit

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