New article – an overview of pedal types

I researched this some time ago, long before I made this website, and dug it out because I think it is a useful overview of all of the main types of effects pedals that you will find on the market.  The descriptions of each individual type of pedal are very short in order to keep the whole article to a digestible length.

An Overview of Pedal Types

Spotlight on Luthiers – Organic Guitars

Another post in this series finds Organic Guitars, a luthier called Duncan Wales based in Cambridgeshire who mixes “old world luthiery and modern innovation”, notably making good use of 3D CAD software and CNC machines that many individual luthiers spurn.  However he does it, he certainly makes some beautiful instruments!

Organic Guitars was founded in 2004 and seems to be quite a low-key operation, with no high-profile artists.  It looks well worth a visit, though, if you’re looking for a very stylish custom guitar.

The Organic Guitars 'Artist' model
The Organic Guitars ‘Artist’ model

Seymour Duncan Guide to Pickups

I found an interesting series of pages on Seymour Duncan’s website that give an introduction to pickups.  It’s called Pickups 101 and it covers the basics of pickup construction, different types of pickups and their sounds.  It’s a good guide to a subject that is of fundamental importance to electric guitar players, and it’s a good read for anyone who doesn’t yet know all of the ins and outs (or Norths and Souths) of pickups.

I have two guitars with SD pickups.  My Epiphone Rosso Corsa has the Slash Alnico pickups, and my Chapman Ghost Fret (pictured below) has a Duncan Distortion (bridge) and a Seymour Duncan ’59 (neck).

One of the first batch of Chapman Ghost Frets, with the Seymour Duncan pickups
One of the first batch of Chapman Ghost Frets, with the Seymour Duncan pickups

Spam and Faded Purple Jean

Sorry, this post is mostly not about guitars.  It’s about spam.  Someone is putting a lot of comments, containing some kind of spam in an Asiatic language, on my website.  They aren’t shown because I moderate all comments.  So please, whoever is spamming me or might think about doing it in future, don’t bother.  Your rubbish won’t be shown, and all it does is to waste my time and annoy me.  If this becomes too much of a problem, I will have to turn off user comments and perhaps user registration, which would be a shame as I would like some interaction on this website.

To get back to what this site is supposed to be about, here’s a photo of a truly wonderful PRS Custom 24 that’s just arrived at World Guitars.  If I had the spare money lying around, I’d buy this one.


Unboxing video for the cigar box guitar kit

Here is the video of the unboxing of the cigar box guitar kit.  We open the kit and run through the tools needed for the build, and show the instructions and contents.

I will write up the build in one or more articles here, and also hope to make some more videos about the build.  It will all appear here on Gloopy Guitars! 🙂

Spotlight on Luthiers: Taran Guitars

Today the spotlight moves north to Scotland, and for a change it falls on a luthier who makes acoustic instruments.  Rory Dowling is the man behind Taran Guitars (Taran means ‘Thunder’ in Gaelic, apparently) and he builds a range of different acoustic guitars, tenors, mandolins and bouzoukis.  I’m not much of an acoustic player but these instruments look beautiful, and his website has some great build photos showing the innards of his guitars, as well as the finished products.

Here are a couple of examples of Rory’s work.  They almost make me want to play without an amplifier!

The 'Taran' model acoustic gutiar
The ‘Taran’ model acoustic gutiar
The Archtop Bouzouki
The Archtop Bouzouki

Spotlight on Luthiers: Feline Guitars

My regular series highlighting the great work of some of the small luthiers continues today with Feline Guitars.  I was checking out a few of the websites to see who I should feature today, and even though I mainly focus on the guitars that these luthiers build, Feline Guitars caught my eye with a particularly interesting article on a repair that was done on a Les Paul of Richie Faulkner, who plays with Judas Priest.

Feline Guitars is comprised of one guy, based in Croydon which is an old stamping-ground of mine as my father used to run a small chain of florist shops there, up until 1993, so I used to spend a fair amount of my holidays hanging around in the shops, particularly during busy periods like Christmas.  He does a lot of repair work as well as building custom guitars, and from what I hear he has a fine reputation.

Here are a couple of examples of his guitars.  You can see more on his Gallery page.  He also specialises in making left-handed guitars.

A rather splendid-looking SG-style guitar
A rather splendid-looking SG-style guitar
Something a little more custom...
Something a little more custom…

Mystery Parcel Revealed

The mystery parcel mentioned a couple of posts ago, which was a present for one of my sons, was opened to reveal this box…

A Box. Made of Wood.
A Box. Made of Wood.

When duly opened, its contents were revealed as the following:

The Box and its Contents.
The Box and its Contents.

This is a Cigar Box Guitar kit, from Crimson Guitars where I shall be going at the end of October for my own guitar build.  My son is also interested in guitars and likes making things – he helped me with my previous kit guitar too.  He liked the idea of one of these kits as a birthday present, and so here it is.  I chose the Ultra kit, which includes a small fret levelling kit (the rocker, beam and file).  This kit includes a Maple neck and a Purpleheart fretboard, with the fret slots pre-cut.

I have a few questions to ask of Crimson Guitars because there seem to be one or two small issues with the kit.  I will report back when they are resolved.

We filmed the unboxing and I will edit and upload that to my YouTube channel as soon as I can.  We also plan on making some videos of the build, which will probably happen gradually over the next few weekends.