Guitar build books

I recently watched a video from Crimson Guitars where Ben Crowe talked through his favourite books for guitar building.  I emailed them to ask if they would suggest that I read any of them before going for my course, and they suggested Build Your Own Electric Guitar, by Melvyn Hiscock.

Melvyn publishes this book himself and I contacted him to buy a copy, but he told me that he has recently finished revising it for a new edition (the third) which should come out soon, perhaps in October.  So if anyone wants to renew their copy, or to get a copy of the book that seems to be the best introduction to the subject, go to his Facebook page and he will announce there when the new edition will be available.

The other book that I have ordered from Ben’s list is Understanding Wood, which looks rather interesting and has lots of pretty pictures!  Woodworking is not a subject that I’m very familiar with, so I think it will be useful to learn a bit about it before I go and build my guitar.  From the Amazon preview, this looks like a good, clear book so I look forward to reading it.  It should arrive tomorrow although I’ve been having some problems with deliveries recently, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  I may write a short review of it once I’ve read it.

Understanding wood

Dave Gilmour Concert

Tonight I attended the Dave Gilmour concert in Tienen, Belgium.  It was held in the town square, and I went with a friend from work.  I’m not particularly a Gilmour / Pink Floyd fan although I do like their work and he’s certainly a great guitarist.  The concert was really good, ending with Comfortably Numb.  He’s there again tomorrow night (Thursday 28th), and then he’s playing five nights in the Albert Hall in London late in September.

Gilmour 2

Gilmour 3

Gilmour 1

Buying an amp – my guide!

Today I finished my article on buying an amp.  Actually, it’s a series of pages that go into different aspects that I think people should consider when buying an amp.  It’s a complex decision with a broad range of products on the market, and it’s easy to buy something that doesn’t really meet your needs.

Take a look at my article and hopefully I raise a few issues that you might not have thought of.  It starts with an overview which describes what I think are the three main questions that underlie the choice of an amplifier.

This article focuses mainly on buying a new amp for an electric guitar.  I touch on related subjects like vintage amps or acoustic amps, and many of the issues are the same, but they aren’t the main focus.

I hope you enjoy the article and find it useful!

Buying a used amp?

I noticed a great article today on Premier Guitar’s website about How to Buy a Used Amp.  The writer has a lot of experience in this area and he passes on some tips on things to look out for.

I am currently writing an article (or series of articles) on the topic of buying an amp.  My article doesn’t focus on secondhand gear specifically, though, so this article is a great complement to the one that I will publish in the near future.

PRS Private Stock Guitar of the Month July 2016

Throughout 2016, PRS is producing a unique private stock guitar each month, in very limited quantities.  This month’s guitar has just been announced and it’s a stunner.  Actually, it’s a bass guitar – fretless and adorned with a very pretty new Tree of Life inlay on the fingerboard (can’t really call it a fretboard, now, can we?).

For the full details, go to

PRS hero_large

Joe Satriani pedal demo

I noticed this video on YouTube today.  It’s a demonstration by Joe Satriani, being interviewed by Dave Martone, of his pedalboard.  Apparently this was filmed in 2010 so I expect he’s using some different pedals now.  There are a lot of videos about pedals on YouTube, of course, but this one struck me because it’s a relatively quick overview but it touches on an awful lot of subtle points on the use of pedals in a short space of time.

Of course, Joe Satriani is a fantastic guitarist; I saw him in concert a few weeks ago and it was great.  This video is well worth watching, whether you’re new to pedals or not, and there are plenty of other interesting videos with the Satch.

New article – Rocksmith

Today I’ve finished an article about Rocksmith, the game that really got me playing the guitar regularly.  I think it’s a fantastic learning aid, and great fun too.  Take a look at the article here.

As an aside, today is a public holiday here (Belgian National Day), so I hope to do some more work on my videos and this site later.  First, though, I have to take the dogs for a walk!  See you later…