The White Lace Tele – Part One

I’ve been asked to make another guitar for someone – this will be the fourth guitar that I make for another person this year, which is great – I’m well on course to achieve my target for 2018 in terms of numbers of guitars built, and I don’t have to find space for them all at home!

This one is probably going to be the simplest build that I’ve done so far.  It’s another Tele-shaped body, but with a 25-inch scale length, unusual woods and a cutaway to reveal the body wood, in the style of some Ibanez or Kiesel guitars, for example.

The body wood is the other half of the superb plank of padauk from which I made my padauk strat early this year.  It’s a gorgeous piece of wood and it’s a bit of a shame to hide it with a cap, but then again a cap makes the build a lot easier, because you can hide all of the holes that you make in the body.  I had a lacewood cap in my wood store, and the customer wants that stained white, which I think will look really smart and unusual.  Hence the name, the white lace tele!

So far I’ve only done some early work on the body – this evening I glued the cap on, but there’s still a bit of final shaping to do.  Next I need to make a start on the neck.  Anyway, here are a few pictures of the early stages of this guitar – more pictures and description will follow later!

The padauk body, after being rough cut with my band saw
An offcut froim the lacewood top, which I stained with a couple of coats of white stain as a colour test.
Large holes for weight relief, as the padauk is quite heavy….
…and the final cavities for the controls and weight relief, just before the top went on
Lastly, here’s the cap being glued onto the body!

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