Guitar Build Gallery

This is a gallery of all of the guitars that I’ve built, with the most recent builds first.  There’s a picture of each guitar and links to the pages with more photos and descriptions of each build.

Guitars In Progress

These are the guitars that I’m currently working on.  You can see a recent picture from the build!

The White Lace Tele

Page One

Fanned Fret Monstrosity
The building blocks for this guitar

Page One

Crazy 12-string Hollowbody
The top and back of the body

IndexDesign & PreparationMain Components

Completed Guitars
The Wenge 339
Spalted maple top, stained with a purple burst

Page 1


The Hybrid Tele

Build Part 1 Finished and Delivered!

Baritone “The Freak”

Before the courseFinished


Introduction and preparationBuild picturesThe finished instrument

The Padauk Strat


Crimson Course Guitar 2017

IntroDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6

Crimson Course Guitar 2016

Index of pages

First Kit Build

Introduction and ComponentsPreparationFinishingAssembly

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