Crimson Build 2017 – Day One

I’m making a quick update for the first day as we’re currently waiting for our breakfast before we head off for day two.  We left my mum’s house at 6:30am to drive to Crimson Guitars, and arrived just at 9am.  Since we’re doing the 6-day course, we were then standing and working on our guitars until 7pm, so we were exhausted last night!

I’m just going to show some pictures from the day with some brief notes.  Below you can see our hardware and the woods that we used for the necks (Maple and Mahogany), and my fretboard (Bubinga).

Next are the pieces of mahogany – from an old staircase – that we used for the main bodies, although due to some gluing problems Callum had to start again with some wood from an old billiards table.

I saw the shipment of burl Poplar that they received a few weeks ago on one of the What’s On The Bench videos, and we both decided that it looked good – although we are going to do different things with our tops.  Callum took the top on the left, and I got the one on the right.

Next are our fretboards – mine on top (Bubinga) and Callum’s below (Ebony).  Quite different, but both rather pretty.

Here’s Callum proudly showing off our laminated neck!  We made a single piece that was then cut in two, and both of our necks came from the same piece.  A laminate neck is stronger and looks quite attractive, and that way we didn’t spend too much time making both necks.

And here they both are, with the shapes of the headstocks and one neck drawn out on them.

Callum planned out his guitar design on paper, because he’s making a strat without a pick guard, so he wants to be careful about getting the routing etc. right.

And now my neck, after quite a lot of work, with the truss rod showing in its channel.

Finally, for today, here is the fretboard being glued onto the neck.  This was left overnight to dry – as was my body, since Callum had problems with the gluing of his body, so we left mine to dry until day two, hoping that the longer gluing time would avoid the same issue.

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