My Gear: Guitar pages finished!

Since creating this website earlier this month, I’ve been busy writing articles and working out how I want the site to look.  I’m getting there, and tonight I reached a milestone by finishing the individual gear pages for all of my guitars and basses.

I might amend the pages in future, and I still need some photos for one of them, but they are 95% complete.  Head over to the My Gear section and click on the links to see photos and stories about all of my guitars.

I will do the same thing for my amps in the near future, but I probably won’t do it for my pedals, as generally there is less to say about them.

I’ve also been recording some footage tonight for another video which I hope will appear soon – I have several videos on the way, but it takes time to shoot and edit them.  I will also continue to create more articles and interesting content – I hope – for this website, so come back soon and see what’s changed!

My guitar collection in early 2014 - and Yoda!
My guitar collection in early 2014 – and Yoda!

Hutchinson Guitar Concepts

A kind soul on the Rob Chapman Forum has recently suggested another luthier for my UK Luthiers article, and I thought this one was worthy of a blog entry.  Hutchinson Guitar Concepts is a luthier somewhere in the UK who specialises in heavily customised or modded guitars, often with Celtic or Norse themes and metallic or lava-like finishes.  His most famous customer is James Hetfield, from Metallica (you may have heard of them).  Stunning stuff, and you can see some of his guitars on his Concepts page.

The guitar in the picture below is an example of James Hutchinson’s work.  Unfortunately, this guitar was stolen from him through a scam, so if you see it please get in touch with James via his website.

The Hutchinson Iron Top, sadly stolen by a scammer
The Hutchinson Iron Top, sadly stolen by a scammer

First Gibson Custom M2M shop in Europe

World Guitars has just announced the opening of a new “Made 2 Measure” facility in their shop in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, with samples of Gibson Custom Shop guitars.  You can design and order your own guitar for delivery within two months.  This is the only place where you can do that in Europe.

After the unexpected passing of the owner, Jeff Pumfrett, last year, some people thought that WG would pass with him, but instead they seem to be going from strength to strength.  I wish them continued success!

World Guitars – The New Gibson Custom Shop M2M Room

Luthiers in the UK

I have added a new article today which is a list of luthiers working in the UK.  This list is based on recommendations I have received, and focuses on small individual luthiers or companies, rather than bigger brands.  It includes all areas of the UK plus Eire.

Please do comment and tell me about your favourite luthiers (even if that’s you!), and I’ll add them to the list.

Article: UK Luthiers

More on the Rob Chapman Forum

Some of you will already know the Rob Chapman forum because at this stage probably many of my readers come from there.  For those who don’t know it, the Rob Chapman Forum (RCF) is an internet forum for guitar lovers, started by Rob although he only appears very occasionally on the site.  Rob Chapman is one of the best known YouTube guitar bloggers / presenters, best known for his work with Anderton’s.  Recently, Rob has been working with his band Dorje, and he also heads Chapman Guitars, one of a very small number of UK-based guitar brands (as opposed to luthiers, of which there are plenty in the UK).

The RCF is one of my two favourite forums (the other is AVForums), and the people on there are generally helpful and sarcastic in equal measure!  It’s also the home of the RCF jams, as posted a couple of days ago.

The Chapman guitars are partly responsible for my YouTube videos, since my first video was a review of the Chapman Guitars MLB-1 bass in January 2015, and I just continued from there.  It’s a really nice bass, and I think it’s a shame that CG hasn’t made more bass guitars!

Here are some links to the Chapman forum and other Chapman-related sites:

Rob Chapman Forum Summer Jam 2016

I hang around with a lot of other guitar geeks on the Rob Chapman forum, and over the last couple of years they have organised a series of jams.  We pick a backing track, and anyone can record their own solo on top of it.  Then some poor mug (so far, most often me) has edited them all together into a video.

The latest of these jams was based on a blues track, and here is the finished result!

I have a playlist on my YouTube channel with all of the RCF jams here.  And if you want to come along and chat about all sorts of guitar stuff (not just Chapman Guitars, but that’s part of it), pop along to the Rob Chapman Forum.


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It will include news, blogs, articles, videos and links to information on electric guitars and related gear and other topics.

The site was created on 1 July 2016 and we hope to make some content available quickly, and then update the various sections on a regular basis.  Come back in a day or two to see our progress!