UK Luthiers

This page will contain links to as many luthiers as I can find working in the UK.  I will include the name with a link to their website (or email, if they have no website), plus their location and main activities.  Some luthiers will specialise in guitar-building, others may do repairs and maintenance.

Please do comment or email me with information on other luthiers that you know, particularly if you like their work.  It would be nice to be able to put potential customers in contact with good luthiers!

Currently, the list is simply sorted alphabetically by country but I might split that into regions or counties as the list grows.  I’ve also included Eire, because I received a recommendation there!

This list will be based on recommendations received.  I have also found similar lists of UK luthiers at and at British Made Guitars.


Ambler Guitars (Buxton, Derbyshire) – Custom guitars

Andy Manson (Devon/Portugal?) – Custom guitars, archtop guitars & mandolins

Bloodstone Guitarworks (?) – Custom guitars, pickups & wiring looms

Carillion Guitars (Dorking, Surrey) – Custom guitars

Crimson Guitars (Dorchester, Dorset) – Custom guitars, toolmakers, luthier training

Daemoness Guitars (?) – Custom metal guitars (the genre, not the material)

Feline Guitars (Croydon, Surrey) – Custom guitars

Gordon Smith Guitars (Northamptonshire) – Custom guitars

Gray Guitars (SW London) – Custom guitars

Guyton Guitars (Lowestoft, Suffolk) – Custom guitars; Brian May’s luthier of choice!

HJ Williams Guitars (?) – Custom guitars

Hutchinson Guitar Concepts (?) – Custom guitars and mods, most famously for James Hetfield

Jaydee Custom Guitars (Birmingham) – Custom guitars (mainly basses)

Kemp Guitars (Cornwall) – Custom guitars

Manchester Guitar Tech (Manchester) – Repairs and maintenance, nitrocellulose lacquers

Matt Guest (North London) – Custom guitars

Nocturne Guitars (?) – Custom guitars

Organic Guitars (Castor, Cambridgeshire) – Custom guitars

Owen Jackson Guitars (Wiltshire) – Custom guitars

Patchwork Axes (Leeds) – Custom guitars, specialising in Paisley finishes

Patrick James Eggle (Oswestry, Shropshire) – Custom guitars (electric and acoustic)

RabsWood Guitars (London) – Custom guitars, luthier services

Raygun Relics (Warrington, Cheshire) – Guitar mods and relics

RSM Custom Guitars (Hertford, Hertfordshire) – Custom guitar and accessories, repairs

Sabre Guitars (Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire) – Custom guitars

Serpentine Guitars (Cornwall) – Custom guitars

Seth Baccus Guitars (Devon/Portugal?) – Custom guitars

Simmett Guitars (Staffordshire) – Custom basses

Stone Wolf Guitars (Leicester) – Custom guitars

Stormshadow Guitarworks (Sheffield) – Custom guitars, repairs

Sutch Guitars (Nottingham) – Custom guitars

Swinglehurst Guitars (North Nottinghamshire) – Custom guitars

Vanquish Guitars (Peterborough, Cambridgeshire) – Custom guitars

Waghorn Guitars (Bristol) – Custom guitars (electric, acoustic & bass)

Northern Ireland

Avalon Guitars (Newtownards, County Down) – Acoustic guitars

Lagan Lutherie School (Newtownards, County Down) – Luthier training

Lowden Guitars (Downpatrick, County Down) – Acoustic & Electric Guitars


AC Guitars (Moffat, Dumfrieshire) – Custom bass guitars

Bailey Guitars (Maybole, South Ayrshire) – Custom guitars, luthier training

McIntyre Guitars (Edinburgh) – Custom guitars, repairs

Moon Guitars (Glasgow) – Custom guitars (mainly acoustic), repairs

Taran Guitars (East Neuk of Fife) – Acoustic guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis…


Jaden Rose (Powys) – Custom guitars (also as Salvo Guitars)

Jezz Guitars / J. Woodroffe Guitars (Machynlleth) – Mainly Telecaster bodies and acoustics

Osborne Guitars and Mandolins (Llanidloes) – acoustic guitars + building courses

Eire (Republic of Ireland)

Chris Larkin Guitars (County Kerry) – Custom guitars

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