Build updates

Things have been slow over the last nine months…I moved house and my initial workshop setup in the garage of my new place didn’t work out, so it took me time to get a decent workshop set up in the cellar instead. However, now I’m back up to full speed, and since we’re all on Corona lockdown, plenty of things have been happening!

The Pencil Tele was finished recently, and you can see the final guitar on page three.

I have also started working on a new project – a guitar with a chess theme. You can see a bit of the idea in the picture below, but for more details take a look at page one of that build! More to come soon…

The body and some other bits and pieces

The other two builds that I’ve had in the works for a while are the V bass and the Resin River Guitar. Both of these builds are nearing completion, and I will post pages on them when they are done.


As you might notice, I don’t update this website very often. However, I recently created an Instagram account, and I try to post pictures on there of my builds in progress several times a week.

If you want to follow me on there, just search for “jonathan.oakey” and you should find it easily. Give me lots of likes! 🙂

Ambler Guitars Course

In March 2019, I followed a seven-day guitar building course at Ambler Guitars in Derbyshire. John Ambler has recently started running courses a few times a year, and I was eager to sign up for one of his first courses since I love his guitars.

Me and the result of the course!

Although you can already see the finished guitar in the picture above, you can see more photos from the seven days and a description of the course on the following pages: Part 1, Part 2. I suggest that you start with Part 1!

Big build update – Jan 2019

I haven’t updated this site for a few months, but in that time I’ve been pretty busy! At last, I have added new pages to show all of the recent progress on my guitar builds. This covers no less than four instruments!

Firstly, I finished the crazy 12-string, and I added a page on the construction phase, and a page on the inlays and completion of the guitar. The index page also links to a series of videos that I published on YouTube, since this build included a number of unusual features.

Secondly, I completed the multiscale guitar that I dubbed Fankenstein’s Monster. This guitar has a 25.5 – 26.5″ scale, and a rather unusual headstock design. I was particularly pleased with the stain on the top, and that’s covered in page two of that build.

The last guitar that I finished in 2018 was the White Lace Tele. This was the second guitar that I built for the friend who had the Hybrid Tele, and it has some different features and an unusual look. Again, the finished guitar can be seen in page two of the build.

My first project in 2019 is a regular, four-string bass guitar that I call the Cocobolo Bass. Partly inspired by some of John Ambler’s guitars, since I will be doing a course with him in March, this should turn out to be quite a looker!

In other news, I’ve recently sold a couple of guitars (my Gibson Les Paul Classic and my Yamaha bass), and I bought a Fender Rumble 200 bass amp, with a Harley Benton cab. These are rare guitar-related purchases these days, since recently I’ve mostly been buying tools or wood!

Another build: Fankenstein’s Monster!

I started working on this guitar a couple of months ago, but put it to one side for a while until I finished the crazy 12-string.  I’m building it for a friend of a friend in England, and it’s my first multiscale guitar.

I hope to finish this guitar in October, so come back soon to see how it’s progressing!  More information and pictures are on page one of the build.

Another new build – the White Lace Tele

I recently made a start on another guitar for a friend.  I’m calling it the White Lace Tele because it’s a tele-shaped body with a lacewood cap, which will be stained white.

You can read a bit more description and see a few pictures on the first page for this build.  More to come soon!

The top for this guitar, together with the neck of the 12-string

Inlays on the twelve-string

One of the two guitars that I’m building at the moment is my crazy 12-string, and in the last few weeks I’ve been working on some elaborate inlays for the fretboard.  They are based on a tree of life, but a simplified version with my own designs.

The inlays are now finished, so I can get cracking with the frets and then finally putting the guitar together.  Hopefully, the finished instrument will make an appearance on here in another few weeks!